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2022 Jonesboro Christmas Parade
Rules & Regulations

General Information: 


  1. Parade Route: The parade will begin at the corner of Cate and Main with the parade continuing south down Main Street until ending at Oak.

  2. The 2022 Christmas Parade Theme: “A Creative Christmas” 

  3. Parade Weather and Cancellation: Should heavy rain and/or ice cause the need for the parade to be canceled, updates will be made to the Jonesboro Foundation of Arts' Facebook and Instagram accounts.  Updates will also be announced on local radio stations as soon as possible. If the weather outlook is uncertain, please keep an eye on the above-listed pages. Some decisions are last minute. 

  4. Parade Entry Categories:

    1. Commercial: A commercial group is one that represents a for-profit corporation or entity such as Lowe’s, Old Navy, Upper Crust Pizza, etc.

    2. Non-Commercial: A non-commercial group is one that represents a not-for-profit organization or entity such as scout groups, churches, pageant winners, political candidates, etc. 

  5. Parade Entry Types & Fees:

    1. Commercial Float: $55 

    2. Walking Unit: $55 

    3. Commercial Non-Float: $80 

    4. Non-Commercial Float: $40 

    5. Pageant Queen (Single Car): $40 

    6. Non-Commercial Auto Club: $40 for up to six cars; $5 for each additional car g. K-12 School Groups: Free (I.E Bands, Social Groups, Drama Clubs, etc)

    7. Late Registration Fee: $25

  6. Group Types: 

    1. A float is defined as a structure built on top of a trailer and pulled by a truck or ATV. b. A walking unit is a group of people (including pets) that walk as a group as part of the parade. Groups with horses are included in this category. All pets must be on a leash.  (See rules below for animals in the parade)

    2. A commercial non-float is an entry by a for-profit organization that consists of a bus, a tow truck, or a group of cars (up to 3). i.e., The Jonesboro Radio Group vans

    3. Non-Commercial Auto Clubs may enter up to 6 cars for $40. Additional cars are $5 each.  An example of this would be NEA Volks Folks.

  7. Receipt of application does not guarantee acceptance into the parade. You will be notified via e-mail if your unit is accepted. Your script information for Soncom Media for televised parade coverage must be received no later than Sunday, November 27th. Please be sure to include this information in the registration application under “Float Description”.

  8. Wednesday, November 30th, you will receive an e-mail with the parade line-up. This email will also include instructions on checking in on the day of the parade. You will receive your lineup number when a representative from your organization has checked in. Please make sure your parade line-up number is prominently displayed and shown to parade officials/city police to enter the parade line-up area. 

Parade Rules: 

  1. Theme: All units must reflect a holiday theme or the theme chosen by the Parade Committee.  Units must NOT be predominantly commercial or political in nature.

  2. Eligibility for Awards: 

    1. Best Float Award: To be eligible for the Best Float Award, the parade entry must follow the year’s theme. The 2022 theme is “A Creative Christmas”. Judges will view and vote on their choices at 6:30 as floats are in the pre-parade lineup phase. They will be anonymous members of our community. All parade floats must be in place by 6:30 pm. 

    2. Best Band Award: To be eligible for the Best Parade Band, the band must pre-register, before the registration period closes. Music played during the parade must be holiday themed. Be sure you stand out to the judges with energetic attitudes and music. 

    3. Best Dance Performance: To be eligible for Best Dance Performance, the group must be registered prior to the parade entry deadline. Performance must be done at the designated performance stops. Any performances completed outside of these areas will result in disqualification from the competition.

    4. Best Overall Performance: To be eligible for Best Overall Performance, the participant(s) must be a registered entry prior to the entry deadline. Performers must adhere to all the 2023 rules and regulations of the parade. 

  3. Code of Conduct: The Jonesboro Christmas Parade is a family-friendly event for all ages, and every unit in the parade is expected to respect this. All costumes, outfits, behavior, attitude, language, music, imagery, signage, props, video, and dance moves must be appropriate for a young audience and will be held to a high standard. There are strictly no satanic themes or symbols of any kind that will be tolerated or allowed to enter. Any costume and/or uniform deemed inappropriate or too revealing by the committee will be strictly forbidden. Violation of the dress code determined by the committee during the final inspection may result in immediate removal from the parade and loss of registration fee. Parade Committee members may remove any participant or entry throughout the entirety of the parade. Examples of inappropriate attire or behavior include, but are not limited to, nudity, undergarments showing, foul language, suggestive dance moves, and suggestive or inappropriate music lyrics. Failure to comply may result in being asked to leave the parade immediately with no warning and may jeopardize a group’s participation in future parades. All decisions are at the discretion of the parade officials.

  4. Costuming, Props, and Music: There is only one Santa and Mrs. Claus. They will be positioned at the very end of the parade as the last float. Please refrain from Santa and/or Mrs. Claus's character costumes. Santa hats are permissible. Festive costumes with bright colors draw attention and are encouraged if they comply with the code of conduct. If there is music on a float, it must be kept at a volume level that will not detract from adjacent units. Music must be holiday themed as well as comply with the code of conduct.

  5. Throwing Items: Nothing of any sort (candy, toys, leaflets, etc.) is to be THROWN to the spectators. Participants may walk along their float and distribute such materials. Violations of this rule may result in the removal of the unit from the parade, and a possible band from participation next year. Please note that this is a safety rule, not only for participants but also spectators.  

  6. No Alcohol/Tobacco Use or promotion: The use or promotion of alcoholic beverages before and during the parade is strictly prohibited. Tobacco use or promotion is strictly prohibited once the parade is en route. Anyone disobeying this rule will be removed from the parade. Additionally, the entire unit could be removed at the discretion of parade officials.

  7. Animals in the parade: Per Jonesboro City ordinance and to show respect to the other parade partners, parade entries with animals of any kind shall provide immediate, on-the-move cleanup of animal waste during the parade and while in the lineup/disbanding area. Entrants must provide and show proof of proper waste removal materials. i.e., waste bags of any kind. If cleanup is not provided by the registered parade participant, a fee will be assessed to the registered parade participant by the FOA Parade committee and future entry in the Jonesboro Christmas Parade will be under advisement.  

  8. Additional Vehicles: Vehicles will not be provided by the parade. No other vehicles may accompany units unless they are authorized by the parade officials prior to Parade Day.

  9. Disband Area: It is your responsibility to arrange the pick-up of all floats, riders, band members, etc. 



The Foundation of Arts complies with applicable Federal Civil rights laws and does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity.) Rules and regulations are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the  2022 Jonesboro Christmas Parade Committee. Violations of the 2022 Jonesboro Christmas Parade Rules and Regulations will result in a $100 fine assessed to the registered participant(s).

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